Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Denmark on the way to Switzerland

The move to Switzerland is still eating up most of my photographic time. There has been very little creative work going on, instead more of the administrative arrangement of papers to a plethora of government agencies. I am hoping that I soon will be able to get creative with the endless photographic possibilities this country and region has to offer.

However, during the way down from Sweden to Switzerland we passed by Denmark briefly (200 km or so of this flat country). This particular evening presented a remarkable sunset through layered clouds and I composed many would-have-been nice photos through the window of the car as the freeway did not allow us to stop at any of the good spots. Just as the last light was on its way to disappear, the turn-off to the small island Farö revealed itself and with it a good vantage point to view the sunset through the pillars of the freeway bridge.

Bridge leading off Farö Island in Denmark.